What happened after I ate a vegan pizza after 2 weeks raw + 1 week fruitarian

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9 thoughts on “What happened after I ate a vegan pizza after 2 weeks raw + 1 week fruitarian

  1. Are you going to try any raw meat or raw animal products? If you continue on a fruitarian diet you will continue losing weight and not maintain adequate muscle mass or brain function to sustain happiness. Please stop my friend, your body is cannibalizing itself, this happened to me 2 years ago when I was vegan. First thing you need to do is eat raw eggs, from a local farm if possible or pasture-raised or organic eggs that are not fed antibiotics or hormones, which you can normally buy at a store. Eating as many as you want, up to 3 dozen per day. Then get some raw meat, any raw beef you can buy at the store, preferably organic or grass-fed and not fed antibiotics or hormones. And also raw milk, grass-fed and naturally produced. Please try it man. One year on this diet has brought my vitality and strength back, and it can for you too.

  2. I feel so much better too when eating predominantly raw! I love snacking on fruits and would rather have an eating window from about 9am till 4/5pm latest and I generally nourish the first few hours of my day with liquids, acv shot, lemon water, coconut kefir, medicinal mushroom potion, and then a litre of green juice pretty much every day. Before having any other foods. Water all in between and I have fruit around the thyme of my green juice as my little boy has his breakfast. Although he drinks green juice too sometimes lol

    Celery juice is amazing, helps to balance the stomach acid..

    All the labels can get peoples back hairs up…it gets quite monotonous after a while but as you said, it’s about the enjoyment of the nourishment, the way the food is prepared and the way the food is Loved, eaten slowly and mindfully. And without punishment or guilt! Tuning in and seeing what comes up emotionally from the past of what one needs to work on if one has for example cane sugar or soya or gluten. All of those foods can bring out certain aspects of the ego I have observed.
    And one is able to observe more clearer when eating organic or detoxing heavy metals out and nourishing the mind, body and soul with plant medicines. Knowing one is always Loved by God and to have faith and trust in Him and the Angels to guide us 💚

    1. CORRIGEEN71 No, you actually don’t need to go crazy with the exercise at all. Also if you are going just raw, you can build alot with greens, hemp hearts, and so on.(See for example, simmnet nutrition on you tube). On fruit alone, you are healing and cleaning the lymph, and entire body at a celular level, not so much building size, most importantly you must be very careful to transition to this via raw diet, as Eoin says in other vids. It can csuse major and possibly drastic detox symtoms otherwise, especially if a person is on a SAD or procesed foods diet.😉

  3. Thank you all so much for all your love and support, for sharing, liking, and leaving your questions and sweet lovely comments, it really means a lot to me! Have and CHOOSE AND MAKE the best day ever! Make it beautiful, enjoyable, fun, loving, positive, improving your life, LAUGH OUT LOUD-big belly laughs! Exercise and MOVE your beautiful body, get out in the healing elements of nature – water, sun, air and earth. Walk barefoot, swim shower or bath, get the sun on your skin and deep belly breath for maximum health! <3 <3 <3 Make a beautiful memorable day, and relax and enjoy yourself 🙂 <3

    1. Owen fox – New Age Sage Clown Transformer! Add salt to whatever you eat you might enjoy it better but I agree with your statement slice and dice the strings if you can remember we have the key to the monkey the Moon Key

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