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Candice and James taste test Vegan Easter Candy. They taste everything from chocolate bunnies and vegan cream eggs to a vegan version of the Twix bar. BUY PEANOT VEGGS:


We bought all our easter candy from: & Good Rebel in Toronto, Canada

Candice went out and procured all of the candy and chocolate products she could find in her local area and online to give you the inside scoop on what vegan candy is worth your time and money and what isn’t.

The first product tested was the Bird’s Nest Pretzel Veggs made by a company called No Whey, which they actually end up testing multiple products from. Both James and Candice had nothing but nice things to say about the packaging. They note that the product greatly resembles Cadbury mini-eggs but that there really isn’t a whole lot of product in the package. The bag of candy itself is really quite small compared to what you would get from a similar priced non-vegan product. Upon tasting the candy James mentions it has almost a malted flavor to it with strong hints of vanilla. Candice seems quite taken with the flavor stashing away the remaining product for herself.

The next product tested they actually spent a whopping $25.00 on. This product is a chocolate egg with a little white chocolate bunny inside, or optionally a white chocolate chicken. It’s call Peek-A-Boos and is also made by No Whey foods as well. They describe it as being somewhere between a Cadbury egg and a Kinder Surprise. While neither of them were disappointed with the flavor they both agree the price is a bit steep and would only recommend it from the perspective that it does have a high gimmick factor.

They move on to Chocolatey Mini Cream Veggs, another product also made by No Whey foods. They both make a note that the packaging seems excessive, consisting of plastic layers on top of other plastic layers. They say that the cream inside is good but mention that it is really just a bit too sweet.


Next on the list of products for the taste test reminded Candice of the Disco Egg. It is a hand painted vegan chocolate egg filled, to their surprise, with cream. James has absolutely nothing but good things to say about the egg. He says the chocolate is much better than the last egg they tried and the cream in incredible. It’s safe to say this one is definitely approved by the vegan taste test team.

Moving right along they taste test a product called the Moo Free Easter Bunnycomb Egg with Buttons. The labeling on the product itself describes it as a bunnytastic egg with tasty buttons, which Candice finds to be quite amusing. It’s comprised of cocoa, sugar, rice, and vegan friendly honeycomb topping, thus the honeycomb name in the title. After a bit of a struggle to decide exactly how to go about eating the egg they find it be quite good mentioning that the toffee is an outstanding feature of the egg.

Candice was beginning to feel a bit like she was on chocolate overload and decides to try the True Joy Sweets Organic Fruit Chews, which looks just like a vegan version of Starburst. James claims it does not taste like a Starburst, but Candice does not agree. She states that it tastes like a more natural version of a Starburst. Neither of them seem displeased with the product in any way mentioning that it would be easy to wipe the bag out in a flash.

Their next Easter candy taste test is a peanut butter cup made by Cleo’s. They purchased both the normal chocolate version as well as the white chocolate version. They make the bold claim that these peanut butter cups are actually better than Reese’s peanut butter cups.

There were several other vegan Easter candies taste tested in this video but you’ll have to watch the rest of the video to get the verdict on those.

As always thank you so much for tuning in and have a Happy Easter. Give some of this candy a try for yourself and leave your comments below.

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7 thoughts on “Vegan Easter Treats Taste Test | Vegan Easter Candy | Vegan Twix | Creme Egg | The Edgy Veg

  1. Hello hello peanut allergic alert: THERE IS PEANUT FREE PEANUT BUTTER !!!!!
    I love that stuff it’s “toasted canadian sesame seeds non gmo” lol

  2. My husband is allergic to Sunflower seeds as well as Avacodos, Watermelon, Carrots, Apples, and Cucumbers. It’s a sad life really.

  3. I’m bringing a fresh salad with avocado and cherry tomatoes to my grandparents’ Easter lunch tomorrow!

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