Vegan Chocolate Vanilla Layer Cake | Coconut Cream Cake | Vegan Cake

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Vegan Chocolate Vanilla Layer Cake
Here is a very simple to make Vegan cake recipe which will delight many because it is delicious, tasty and made without any dairy or eggs. Using premix cake cut our time-consuming preparation and the mix contains all the required ingredients without the fuss.
I have substituted ‘eggs’ with apple-gum sauce which is easy to conjure in your kitchen. Replace 1 egg with 1 apple of any type, deseeded and blended to a smooth consistency by adding 1/2 tsp of guar-gum or xantham gum and that is all is needed. There is no need to cook the apples in advance.
Next, the Coconut cream is very delicious and easy to make frosting which only requires 2 ingredients – Coconut cream and Icing Sugar. Whisk together both until it reaches a very smooth consistency and spread it across the layers and you have a Vegan Chocolate Vanilla cake with Coconut cream frosting.
Enjoy !!!
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‘Whisk’ is spelt wisk – accept apologies

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