Tomato Tart – Summer French cuisine – Vegetarian Dishes – Easy Recipe

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Tomato and Mustard Tart recipe.
This recipe can be qualified as the ultimate summer recipe originating from the south of France. it is a surprisingly easy yet delicious recipe that can be made in small or large size. you could compare this as some of of pizza with its delicious tomato and herb base but the mustardy taste makes it totally different.

In france people in the south make all kind of version of that same recipe to vary the flavors. I am giving you today the vegetarian version ( but is does have eggs in the pastry) of this lovely recipe but the two main other to do it is to add anchovies or cheese on top of the tomatoes.

Ingredients needed:
1 roll of ready made Puff pasty
2 tablespoons of Dijon mustard
4 tablespoons of plain tomato sauce (pasata)
half a cup of bread crumbs
1 kG of Freshly sliced tomatoes
a good sprinkle of italian or fresh dry herbs ( herbe de provence)
salt and pepper for the seasoning
and finish off with a drizzle a olive oil

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19 thoughts on “Tomato Tart – Summer French cuisine – Vegetarian Dishes – Easy Recipe

  1. Bonjour mon ami salut bu Brésil encore une fois.
    This looks delicious.
    How about instead of the páte feuillettée use páte brisée. Would that work too?
    Merci beaucoup

    1. Walter Morim well it sounds like a good idea but in any case feel free to use any recipes from the channel for your project :0) good luck

    2. The French Cooking Academy Mercy Chef. I will try both versions.
      I have plans for the Future (hopefully not a distante Future) to start a new restaurant and I was thinking a bistrô style. Maybe a little lighter dishes to match our climate here. I am counting on tour help with ideas. and If you Everton come down here you have a standing invitation to visit The bistrô.
      au revoir

    3. Walter Morim hi Walter. Yes you can use a pate brisee but in this case you will have to use a pie or tart dish. But it will work the same. See you :0)

  2. It is really beautiful 😍 but chief don’t take too long to upload a video ,we miss your cooking 👨‍🍳 😊

    1. First it is good to hear from you Chief 😊 second I can’t wait for the website 😃 Thank you for your efforts,take care 😊

    2. Candy Werewolf
      Hi candy yes I know I would really like to spend more time doing videos but I still have to work full time at the moment. But yeah sorry about that I had my niece visiting from france and I am also working on a creating a new website where you guys will be able get involve with your recipes as well :0) but don’t worry my plan is making more videos .. take care

  3. Summer/vegetarian dish recipes are also quite welcome to those of us who still adhere to the Lenten meatless fasts of Wednesdays and Fridays.

    Les recettes de plat d’été / végétarien sont également tout à fait bienvenues à ceux d’entre nous qui adhèrent toujours aux mercredis et vendredis sans viande du Carême catholique romain.

    1. One MercilessMing hi there welcome back yes you are right I need to keep the meat free recipes in mind as well . Nice to see you again :0)

  4. This looks FABULOUS!! I will be making this! 😀
    Something different from a pizza and I’m sure much healthier too!

    1. Dave Fromage well I think I will add it under the tomatoes to avoid it burning. And that will give you a nice cheese melt effect. You could also make it the way I did it and just serve it topped up with some marinated goat cheese or something that would work as well :0)

    2. Wow!! Thanks for the tip!! Now I have TWO recipes from one! I didn’t think of that and that’s WHY you are the CHEF…LOL! (and I LOVE cheese!)
      Would you add the cheese under the tomatoes or on top of the tomatoes? What would be best in your opinion?
      Oh, do you have a Twitter account for the channel, maybe I can post a photo when I make this! 😀
      Thank you again…chef!
      Dave. 😀

    3. Dave Fromage
      Hi Dave yes this is a really interesting recipe. And you can add cheese as well if you like :0)

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