vegan Cake Pops | Episode 100!!! 🍡

Vegan Cake pops Lawd....what can I say about you! man this episode was STRESSFUL, UH! I hope you guys could follow because for the 345th time im no baker and tried this off camera as well. The recipe is easy but hard to execute( for us none bakers) I promise

🍪The Best Ever Vegan Oatmeal Cookie #VeganWeek

So chewy and so soft and gooey! You are going to love this oat meal cookie. 🍪🍪🍪 Find the VEGAN DIET FOR LIFE HOODIE here Another twist on this would be to add grated orange peal. Always use whole oats. Instant oats NEVER make good cookies. Find the VEGAN DIET FOR

Vegan Coquito | Eggnog | HEALTHY HOLIDAY DRINKS

¡Feliz Navidad desde Puerto Rico! Disfruta esta navidad con los sabores que más amas, un coquito saludable y cremoso. (Coquito Vegano) ¡Merry Christmas from Puerto Rico! Enjoy this Christmas with a healthy and creamy coquito. Coquito is a delicious and traditional Christmas drink loved by

What I Eat + Making Cookies | Vlogmas Day 3 (easy vegan dinner!!!)

#vlogmas #vlogmasday3 #vlogmas2018 For Vlogmas day 3, I just wanted to share a regular Monday in my life. We made dinner, baked holiday cookies and had a fab time! Make sure to watch till the end for a GIVEAWAY announcement!!! Hope you guys enjoy! Vlogmas Day 2: FOLLOW ME: → Instagram: →

Dollar Store Recipe Challenge: Vegan Brownie Bites (Cake Pops)

No one would have guessed that this delicious brownie bite recipe is made entirely of ingredients from the dollar store! This rich, decadent vegan dessert is easy and fun to make and is incredibly versatile. Stores well in fridge for up to 4 days. Check out Kristin's video for more on