Vegan Chocolate Cake with Rainbow Meringue Kisses

This super decadent and whimsical vegan cake is the ultimate crowd-pleaser! No one will miss the eggs, butter, or milk so it's perfect for a mixed crowd of vegans or those with food allergies/dietary restrictions. See below for full recipe. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Aquafaba Rainbow Meringue Kisses 80 grams of aquafaba (drained from a can

BEST EASY VEGAN CHOCOLATE CAKE! Under 30 minutes! Sadie Dreams

Hi everyone!♡ Today I am sharing the BEST and easiest chocolate cake recipe! Not only is it so easy to make it, but it is also VEGAN!♡♡ SUBSCRIBE: ... WATCH THIS: FAQ: How old am I? - I am 13 years old. Where do I live? - Stockholm, Sweden. What do I use to edit?

Best Vegan Chocolate Cake Ever!!

This chocolate cake recipe will blow your socks off!!! It is so amazing and I really hope you try out the recipe. Don’t forget to subscribe!! Recipe Cake: 1 3/4 cups flour 1 3/4 cups sugar 3/4 cups cocoa powder 2 t baking soda 1 t baking powder 1 t salt 1 cup rice milk 1 cup warm

Φανταστική Τούρτα Σοκολάτας (ΝΗΣΤΙΣΙΜΗ) – The best Vegan Chocolate Cake

Η Φιλίτσα ή αλλιώς Flitsington Gray είναι μια φίλη μου από Ελλάδα,γεννημένη και μεγαλωμένη στην Αγγλία.Είναι vegan (χορτοφάφος) και ειδικεύεται στα vegan γλυκά,στα...νηστίσιμα όπως τα λέμε εμείς.Έτσι,μόλις ήρθε στην Ελλάδα στο χωριό της,την Φιλώτεια,της ζήτησα να μας δώσει την καλύτερη συνταγή για νηστίσιμη Τούρτα Σοκολάτας!Χωρίς "σύγχρονα" μέσα και με ένα

Vegan chocolate cake

Perfect time to throw something new into your menu. However, you might be struggling to figure out just how you are going to do this without getting rid of all your fans’ favorites. Does this sound like you? Read our blog «How to Veganise Your Restaurant Menu»: Browse Smallware: Browse

Vegan Chocolate Cake~Easy & foolproof Recipe

Hello beautiful souls out here. Read more down below 👇 . My Channel is about Plant based Food & life style. If You Like My Channel or want to Support me Pls SUBSCRIBE & hit the Bell button. . This is a Basic & fool proof Cake recipe. Every time I make it, It

vegan – chocolate cake – recipe – english

ingredients: 300g flour 80g baking cocoa 150g sugar 30g baking powder 150ml oil 520ml plant milk 200g dark chocolate if you want to see more of my work... www.facebook.com/vegan.cake.art www.instagram.com/vegan_cake_art music by: free-meditation-music.com