Pumpkin Pecan Cake w/ Cream Cheese Frosting (Vegan + GF)

A nutty gluten-free pecan cake with pumpkin and "cream cheese” frosting. Delicious fall/ autumn gluten-free coffee cake. Vegan and Paleo. Recipe below ⬇️ ------------------------------------------------------------ THANK YOU to the Patrons who helped make this video possible. Visit to find out more about becoming a Patron and joining the growing online UB community. ------------------------------------------------------------ PRINTABLE

Vegan Cake With Vegan Meringues

Step by step tutorial for how to decorate a vegan cake with vegan meringues and vegan chocolate ganache with no vegan butter and no powdered sugar. The recipes for this vegan chocolate cake, vegan chocolate ganache frosting and vegan meringues are on my website: www.britishgirlbakes.com/recipes/vegan-cake-with-vegan-meringues My tutorial for meringue pops made

Cinnamon Waffle Cake // VEGAN RECIPE

I cannot explain how I only had one slice of this cake the day it was made (of course it got demolished within a couple of days - and I live alone). It took all the willpower to force myself to have a proper meal and not eat cake for

Easy Vegan Vanilla Cake + Bonus ASL Mini Class

Hello everyone! In this video, you will see what ingredients were used and steps to make an EASY Vegan vanilla cake! I hope you make it one day and it's easy as "cake" for you! Subscribe if you like :) Ingredients I used: - 1 3/4 cups all purpose flour - 1 cup granulated

Coffee Toffee Cream Cake

One month into fall and although pumpkin and apple desserts are divine, i needed my chocolate and coffee fix! Kahlua cream coffee cake! CLICK HERE FOR THE RECIPE CLICK HERE FOR VEGAN BAKING MASTERY CLICK HERE FOR THE PLANT BASED EGG CHECK ME OUT ON PATREON SUPPORT ME ON PAYPAL Check

How to Make the Best EVER Vegan Lemon Cake

In this video you'll learn my secrets on how to make the best EVER dairy free / vegan lemon cake! Moist, light and down right flippin' delicious. Full Recipe and ingredients here: TBA

The Best Vegan Carrot Cake Recipe!

INGREDIENTS: -2¼ cups self raising flour -1 teaspoon baking soda -3 teaspoons cinnamon -½ teaspoon nutmeg -1 teaspoon salt -½ cup applesauce -1 cup soy milk -2 teaspoons vanilla essence -1 cup caster sugar -½ cup (melted) coconut oil -2 cups grated carrots, tightly-packed -1 1/2 cups chopped walnuts ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ -1x 225g tub of Tofutti cream cheese -1/2 cup vegan butter -3 1/2 cups icing

Delicious Vegan Fall Meals and Pudding!

Vegan Upside Down Apple Spiced Cake and Pumpkin Butternutsquash Coconut curry! Seasonal cooking, simple vegan fall and autumn recipes! Recipes: Spiced upside down apple cake Pumpkin lentil coconut curry for all business enquires please contact alice@thefound.co.uk _____________________________________________________________ SOCIAL MEDIA: Follow me on instagram - @rachelama_ _____________________________________________________________ EQUIPMENT Blender USA - UK - Camera USA - UK - Microphone USA - UK -

(ENG SUB) Vegan Coconut Biscuit Cake recipe 椰香饼干诞糕

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MAKING MY VEGAN BIRTHDAY CAKE (Coconut Tres Leches) | allycancook

HEY GUYS! This weeks video we show you how we made my vegan birthday brunch cake!!! We followed thug kitchens recipe () and it turned out amazing! This video is a bit more informal and fun then what we usually do - lots of laughter and a couple swear words ;)