[Dog/Vegan] NO OVEN Squash Cake /Sweet Pumpkin Cake/(Gluten-free, Sugar-free, Dairy-free)

NO OVEN Squash Cake /Sweet Pumpkin Cake/(Gluten-free, Sugar-free, Dairy-free) I've developed a healthy squash cake recipe that dogs, kids, and adults can enjoy. Make a simple cake without oven. ----------------------------- *Processed food free *Gluten-free *Sugar-free *Dairy-free *Caffeine-free *Alcohol-free *Gut-friendly food ----------------------------- CC by Yelim Kim ----------------------------- [Music] *Dinner Chimes *Christmas_Village *Toy_Piano

Grain-free Turkish Pizza (Lahmajoun) / Paleo / Low Carb / Keto / Vegan / Gluten-free

This Grain-Free Turkish Pizza recipe will please you for a lifetime. It takes just a couple of minutes to prepare and the taste is absolutely unforgettable. ⬇︎ --- Full recipe and ingredients ⬇︎ Link to the recipe: SUBSCRIBE: NEWSLETTER: --- ▶︎ Ingredients & Equipment ▷ Ingredients: ● 50 gr. of Pine Nuts:   ● 2 x Handful

Vegan vanilla cake with chocolate frosting | Gluten-free, refined sugar free

This is the spongiest vanilla cake you'll ever make! It is Gluten free and refined sugar free, it doesn't take too long to make and it is super delicious 😄 Ingredients: *2 cups Gluten free flour *1 tsp Baking powder *1 tsp Baking soda *Pinch salt ( we used Himalayan) *1 cup Plant-based milk *I cup vegan

How to Make CHOCOLATE Almond Milk | Vegan Recipes

Thank you so much for watching! These are the quantities I recommend: almond milk: - 0.5 cup almonds - 2.5 cup water chocolate milk: - 1 cup almond milk - 1 tablespoon cacao powder - 1 tablespoon date or maple syrup (or one date) - 3 ice cubes (or more) Music: Website: plantgrown.weebly.com Email Me: clairemellinlovesfood@gmail.com Camera: Panasonic Lumix

Healthy Drinks – STRAWBERRY LASSI – motion baking (vegan)

Wanna have a quick healthy drink? This Strawberry Lassi is easy, healthy and super delicious. You can make it vegan and sugar-free. Ingredients for 2-3 portions: - 500 g strawberries - 500 ml (soy) yogurt - 100-200 ml (soy/rice/...) milk Music: Payday by Jason Farnham

Homemade Vegan Oreos – Natvia’s Healthy Treats

Subscribe to our Healthy Treats Channel! This Sugar Free dessert recipe is VEGAN! It is also completely refined sugar free. This is a Homemade Vegan Oreo Cookies Recipe made with Natvia. Natvia is a 100% Natural Sweetener! No sugar used in any of our recipes! All of our dessert recipes are sugar free! Some

Starbucks Mocha Frappuccino Recipe (Paleo, Dairy free, Vegan & Low-carb option)

Learn how to make Starbuck's famous Mocha Frappuccino coffee drink without using unhealthy syrups and other bad ingredients (Paleo, Vegan & low-carb option). AND also learn how to make coconut whipped cream. Get the written Mocha Frappuccino recipe here: Homemade Caramel Sauce recipe: Subscribe to my newsletter so I can personally send you