Fast Recipe for a Super Easy Vegan Pizza! You could prepare the dough and sauce for later use! Or add more toppings if you like! A must see for any pizza fan! Healthy Recipe Playlist: Life Improvement Playlist: ▼ INGREDIENTS ▼ Dough: 250 Gram Flour 150 ML water (37,5 C AKA Hand Warm)

Easy Tofu in Satay Sauce (Healthy Vegan Recipe!)

LETS BE FRIENDS (AND FREE PIZZA RECIPE!): INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: WEBSITE: So this week I've got a really easy vegan satay sauce tofu recipe for you! This one is a bit different as we're using silken tofu instead of firm. The silken tofu actually goes really well with the sauce and

Protein Waffles Recipe (The Perfect Vegan Breakfast!)

LETS BE FRIENDS (AND FREE PIZZA RECIPE!): INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: WEBSITE: I've always liked waffles but never thought I'd be able to have them as part of my regular vegan diet! These protein waffles though are just perfect! Healthy, high in protein, low in fat. They're everything you'd ever want when

Watermelon & Lime Refresher | Vegan Recipes

Watermelon and lime refresher!!! Recipe: Blend watermelon (to nearly fill 32 oz blender), juice of half a lime, and your preferred amount of ice! If you want, you can also add basil or mint to the recipe. Music: Website: plantgrown.weebly.com Email Me: clairemellinlovesfood@gmail.com Camera: Panasonic Lumix G7

No-Bake Lemon Cheesecake | SO VEGAN

Creamy, light and zesty, this vegan no-bake lemon cheesecake is a staple in the So Vegan household! This recipe was actually featured in the BBC Good Food magazine last year, but we’ve only just got around to sharing it with you guys because we’ve been so busy working on our cookbook

Vegan Avocado Cheesecake Recipe

It doesn't get better than this extremely delicious vegan avocado cheesecake. This guilt-free avocado dessert has no refined sugars and is full of healthy fats. Get the recipe:

Creamy Lemon Herb Chickpeas Recipe (Simple + Easy Vegan!)

LET'S BE FRIENDS (AND FREE PIZZA RECIPE!): INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: WEBSITE: If you're looking for a super simple + easy dinner or lunch that'll leave you feeling full this is it! Lemon and chickpeas go really well to You can eat this on it's own or pair with rice for a

Vegan vanilla cake with chocolate frosting | Gluten-free, refined sugar free

This is the spongiest vanilla cake you'll ever make! It is Gluten free and refined sugar free, it doesn't take too long to make and it is super delicious 😄 Ingredients: *2 cups Gluten free flour *1 tsp Baking powder *1 tsp Baking soda *Pinch salt ( we used Himalayan) *1 cup Plant-based milk *I cup vegan