Delicious vegan muffins fast recipe

easy homemade #breakfast for kids, easy and fast, 10 min to prepare a delicious #vegan #muffins or little cakes suitable for breakfast or natural snack for children and adult. Simple ingredients and simple recipe. Vegan chocolate muffins: 250 g wheat flour 100 g cane sugar 200 ml soya milk 100 ml sunflower oil 3tbs backing powder

Apple and Oatmeal Smoothie|Easy vegan breakfast recipe||Morning energy drink

Hey Everyone. Today I"ll be sharing with you an easy vegan breakfast recipe using apple and oatmeal.Do check out and share your feedback.Please feel free to post your video requests and queries in the comments. REVIEW: Maybelline Color Changing Lip Balm Clean n Clear Morning Energy Face Wash Patanjali Aloevera Gel Bath n Body Works Jergens Age