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This recipe is on how to make vegan mozzarella. In this video we will demonstrate how easily you can prepare a delicious, healthy and low-fat Italian cheese that will wow any crowd. Make sure to stay tuned for more upcoming recipes.

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20 thoughts on “Mozzarella | The Vegan Corner

  1. Made a mess, but very tasty. I added onion powder, garlic powder, a touch
    of cayenne pepper and some paprika. Thnx Vegan Corner :D

    1. You are welcome, and thank for using our recipe 🙂 I’m sure that it was
      great with the additions you’ve made.

  2. Quite good recipe. When I tried to make it, it thickened exactly like it
    was supposed to. But, I made the mistake of using plain soymilk instead of
    unsweetened soymilk, so my final product did have a distinctly vanilla like
    smell. Next time I make this, I will use unsweetened milk.

  3. can i use just corn starch and soy milk for this? i want to know if the
    result will be similar. nice video :)

  4. Couple of questions: first what other language u speak ? I ask because of
    your accent. And second tell me about that wok looking pot u use.?

    1. Accent is Italian I guess, and we use these pans here:
      similar pans are sold in the
      US and you can find them here here
      and here I hope this helps.

  5. I just discovered your channel through That Vegan Couple and I love your
    videos! I just turned vegan and even though I am not from Italy, I love the
    country and the language, good to see a good alternative for mozzarella :D

    1. para la mozzarela cremosa,40g de tofu firme,250g de leche vegetal (mejor
      sin azúcar),20g de tapioca,3g de sal y un diente de ajo

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