How To Decorate A Cake With Vegan Whipped Cream with Beautiful Roses

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In this channel I would like to share with you my passion for eggless baking and cake decoration. If you have any cake or technique you want to see in this channel, please comment below and I will make sure to make a video of it in the future.

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9 thoughts on “How To Decorate A Cake With Vegan Whipped Cream with Beautiful Roses

  1. Hi, do u recommend the cake before frosting, in refrigerator only or in the freezer? & where to keep flowers – in refrigerator or freezer?

  2. Hi mam thanks for sharing very good recipes I want to know that how many days before we can ready these roses and which brands frozen cream and which brands gel color you use. Some times when I add gel color in my frozen whipped cream after some texture will change my whipped cream can’t use that … what’s the reason please suggest and can use frozen cream for making whipped gnash is this can be heat thanks again 🙏

  3. Thanq for sharing..I am also a home baker and freezing flowers is new idea for me…I hv ready base with me trying today’s my anniversary today so good gift to hubby…god bless you dear…

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