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We recently spent a week in the woods making wood fired pizza and we are in love with the process. Pizza is incredibly easy to make and you can really pack some serious flavours into it! Please give it a go and if you’d like us to delve into the complexities and a more intricate approach to really mastering the pizza let us know in the comments!

All the best,
Dave & Steve.

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141 thoughts on “EASY VEGAN PIZZA FROM SCRATCH | The Happy Pear

  1. some vegans i’ve spoken too don’t eat packaged yeast (but eat nutritional yeast) can you elaborate as to why or why not we should eat packaged yeast?

  2. It’s beautiful with all the colors and textures. I have a toaster oven so I won’t be making it, but dang!

  3. I definitely prefer using raw tinned San Marzano DOP tomatoes mixed with a little olive oil and basil and around 1tsp of salt per 100g of tomatoes for the sauce. Super simple and absolutely delicious, not to mention authentic. Otherwise this looks great.

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