Daily Hayley | Visiting My Childhood Home + DIY Vegan Pizza

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First surgery video (WARNING: Awful quality):

Post-op surgery update:

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4 thoughts on “Daily Hayley | Visiting My Childhood Home + DIY Vegan Pizza

  1. I have Dermoids too! Why did you need to remove it, was it acting up? I a, from Brooklyn and what you say is true, everything did seem bigger when I was a kid.

  2. i would have been so nervous filming the house in case the new owners were nuts and would come out and yell hahaha

  3. Do you ever take off your acrylic/ gel nails ? When I had mine on too long my nails would get soo thin and gross underneath. Also, try and put the purse organizer in the washer and let it air dry then maybe you can lint roll the seeds off. As for your actual bag, flip it inside out (it’s hard but doable) and use Dawn dish soap and cold water to clean the inside. I hope it helps!

  4. Please continue to include clips like the chia seeds/purse issue. I feel like that stuff only ever happens to me. Kind of made me feel better that unfortunate things happen to other people I’m not the only one. Don’t take that the wrong way.

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