Cheezy Vegan Aussie Pizza – Not Only Carrots Cooking Show

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Leah demonstrates how to make a Cheezy Vegan Aussie Pizza from her vegan cookbook ‘No, We Don’t Only Eat Carrots! – Plant-Based Food For Humans’. Pizza Hut and Dominos, eat your heart out!

Make Leah’s Homemade Pizza Base for your pizza:

And remember to prepare the Raw Cashew Mayonnaise too. Check out the cooking show episode here:

For an alternative vegan cheese sauce, try the cheese sauce from Leah’s Cheezy Vegan Lasange recipe. Check it out here:

To buy the ‘No, We Don’t Only Eat Carrots’ cookbook –
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Adventist book centres:
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The US & the rest of the world:
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183 thoughts on “Cheezy Vegan Aussie Pizza – Not Only Carrots Cooking Show

  1. Ive been roasting big flat chunks of pumpkin and making mini pizzas. Putting all the pizza toppings on them and roasting them! + sweet potato works to (the bigger the potato the better)

  2. No pineapple and no beetroot… How could you… Lol.
    Thanks for the oil in the pan trick to get the base crisper…

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