Charcoal Quinoa Pizza with Cashew Cheese – vegan & gluten-free

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Easy to make gluten-free and dairy-free pizza from scratch. The base is quinoa with activated charcoal and the cheese is made of cashew nuts. This recipe has no added yeast and is made without xanthan gum. Very high in protein thanks to the seeds (quinoa is a seed) and nuts but also contains all essential amino acids.


Suitable for vegan, paleo, plant-based, oil-free, grain-free, wheat free and general whole foods diets.

It works just as well without the activated charcoal but looks a bit less fun. As this makes a pizza that serves two I recommend to make this for four people and double up all of the ingredients then stir the charcoal in just half of the crust to make one black and one white quinoa pizza base. People often call this the best healthy gluten-free pizza dough recipe.


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