Horchata Mexican Rice and Almond Drink (Can be Vegan)

Vea este video en español - - SUB HERE! Horchata is a Mexican drink that is made with rice and sometimes almonds. This particular one has almonds in it. It is a very creamy and refreshing drink for anytime of the year. This recipe is not vegan but it certainly

Vegan Eggless Nog – Easy Christmas Drink Recipe Idea!

Today I am super excited to show you my vegan eggless nog - the best ever vegan eggnog you'll taste! This is a perfect vegan egg nog to serve up at your Christmas lunch or dinner (or breakfast as I did when testing this recipe). Best of all, for a complete Christmas

Golden Milk Turmeric Recipe (Vegan Option) for Sleep

For show notes click on the link above Please Subscribe Here: Here's my Website: Facebook: Follow me on Twitter: Follow me on Instagram: Follow me on Pinterest: Follow me on Google+: Join our Membership Site: Do you struggle with sleep? Do you experience insomnia? Today we are going to make a Golden Milk

How to Make Mexican Christmas Punch | Vegan Recipe

It's a pleasure to share with you my recipe for a seasonal favourite drink, Mexican Christmas punch or ponche navideño. It’s perfect for the whole family or you can also spike it for the adults. 🌟PRINT THE RECIPE🌟 📌SAVE TO PINTEREST📌 ********************************************************** ♫Music By♫ Jingle Bells by E's Jammy Jams YouTube Audio

Chocolate Almond Milkshake Recipe – Healthy & Dairy Free – Vegan Milk Shake For Kids

healthy and vegan chocolate almond milkshake recipe for kids/adults, exam time energy drink for kids, in this video I am sharing a vegan and refined sugar free chocolate almond milkshake which can easily be made at home with soaked and peeled almonds and takes just under 2 minutes to make,


let's make festive cocktails and drinks, cause you're gonna need these in hand leading up to the holidays! We're making a booze-free hazelnut hot chocolate and booze filled vegan bailey's and a vegan nog. #hotforfood #vegan #holidaydrinks #veganrecipes #cocktails #easyveganrecipes #veganism #food MORE HOLIDAY RECIPE IDEAS HAZELNUT HOT CHOCOLATE RECIPE VEGAN BAILEY'S

5 BEST Vegan Smoothie Recipes: My favorite healthy smoothies!

These are the best vegan healthy smoothie recipes, in my opinion. They are my 5 favorite vegan smoothies that I've been loving, and they're healthy, some even taste like a dessert! Get 15% OFF of Organifi with this code: BOLIVIANGREENS www.organifi.com/bolivian Check out the Hubs & Nephew new video:


LAY HO MA everyone! This is one of my favourite all time drinks, especially in the winter. It looks beautiful and is absolutely delicious! Join me in this episode and learn how to make vegan matcha latte! Ingredients: 1 tsp matcha powder (I recommend getting a ceremonial grade one) 3

Oats Breakfast Smoothie Recipe – Oats Recipes For Weight Loss – Vegan (no milk) | Skinny Recipes

vegan oats smoothie without milk and banana, heathy vegan, gluten free pappaya breakfast smoothie, starting your day with this filling and power packed oatmeal smoothie will keep you fuller for a longer time. #skinnyrecipes #breakfast Ingredients: 3/4 cup water 2 tbsp oats 2 tbsp rolled oats 1 tbsp flaxseeds 1 tbsp chia seeds 1 cup pappaya, chopped 1

3 Creamy Vegan Cocktails | Brilliantly Boozy Vegan Drinks | Twisted Bar

Looking for the perfect vegan cocktails to impress your guests? Put your mixologist skills into motion and try these 3 Creamy Vegan Cocktails that perfectly combine delicious taste with plant-based ingredients. While most alcohol is considered to be vegan, the exception stems from cream liqueurs and additive ingredients that boost